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Is Sales Preventing Your Lead Nurturing Program From Generating More MQLs?

Apr 14 2015 | overground overground

​“The leads are weak? You’re weak!” The 1992 American drama, Glengarry Glen Ross, depicts the age-old sales complaint that the quality of leads provided by marketing is preventing their success. However, with a more focused lead nurturing program in place, sales and marketing can work together more...


The Right B2B Ecommerce Digital Marketing Mix

Apr 12 2015 | Allison Platte Allison Platte

B2B marketing leaders are being dealt the task of equipping their organization with an efficient ecommerce platform and intuitive experience. Not only is this a new challenge for many in the B2B space, but customers’ expectations are extremely high due to years of B2C online shopping...


How to Improve Your Call Lead Tracking Data: A KeyMetric Product Overview

Apr 12 2015 | Lana Layton Lana Layton

Marketers know that in digital marketing it’s a best practice to track phone call data. However, they might not know the best partner to select for this task. KeyMetric is a phone call lead tracking software platform built with flexibility and accuracy in mind. ...


4 Steps Marketing Leaders Must Create for Enterprise Customer-Driven Metrics | Forrester Research

Apr 13 2015 | overground overground

Only 22% of marketing leaders focus on retention as a top priority.1 The majority of marketing leaders are the missing one the biggest opportunities for growing their organization: their existing customers. When shifting to customer-focused marketing from channel-focused marketing, new metrics...