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How to Evaluate if Your Current B2B Demand Generation Agency is the Partner You Need

May 05 2015 | Lana Layton Lana Layton

With more than half of B2B marketers viewing quality lead generation as their biggest challenge, it is critical for marketing leaders to consider what kind of demand generation agency they need....


Enhance Your Content Marketing Strategy with Infographics

Apr 28 2015 | Allison Platte Allison Platte

​Everyone knows when it comes to search engine optimization strategies, content is king. However, at times it can be difficult to come up with an endless supply of creative ways to provide relevant and valuable information in a unique format. This is where infographics come into play. ...


Top 4 Ways to Begin Customer-Focused B2B Marketing | Forrester Research

Apr 24 2015 | Overground Overground

78% of CMOs believe marketing has bigger influence on corporate strategy than it did just two years ago. Marketing leaders must take advantage of increased influence by promoting customer engagement in order to make an impact on revenue....


Top 3 Misses in PPC Strategy – Why Your Paid Search Campaign Isn’t Driving Conversions

Apr 21 2015 | Nicole Pantas Nicole Pantas

61% of B2B marketers believe that the biggest challenge they face is generating high-quality leads. Could your Paid Search campaign be causing this challenge? Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a great way to place your company in front of your target audience with the right message at the right...