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New B2B Leads Whitepaper: B2B Marketers Must Step Up Messaging | Forrester Research

Jul 23 2015 | Overground Overground

When sales & marketing messaging is aligned with a buyer’s journey, it will always lead to a higher B2B lead velocity. While 93% of B2B marketers shared that they practice content marketing, 40% of the time content guidelines were not followed....


Aligning Search Marketing with Inspired B2B Customer Experience

May 26 2015 | Overground Overground

​As a marketing leader, you may know the performance of your search marketing initiatives, but do you know the intent behind it? If search marketing and customer experience are not in alignment, then the messaging behind your content is likely not connecting with your customers....


Enhanced Online Lead Management for a High-Impact Customer Journey

May 18 2015 | Overground Overground

​Sales Vice Presidents are often tasked with improving the lead-to-win conversion rate once benchmark metrics have been established. Anyone that has tackled this task knows that it is easier said than done....


Where to Invest Your 2015 Digital Marketing Budget

May 11 2015 | Overground Overground

​As 2014 came to a close, Marketing VPs everywhere were asking themselves the same question: “What should I spend my 2015 marketing budget on?” Just as people are making personal resolutions for 2015, marketing leaders should also make resolutions based on data-driven digital marketing trends. ...