Agency Rebrands to Focus On Demand Generation and Sales Enablement

Charlotte, NC (November 20, 2014) — Headquartered in Charlotte, WebsiteBiz has quietly been at work on big things. After almost 17 years of growth and success, one would think that the company would be willing to rest on its laurels. Instead, the regional agency—as of today—has undergone a complete overhaul, rebranding as Overground.

Overground is a demand generation and sales enablement agency that creates revenue growth opportunities across the entire customer lifecycle. The agency is unique in how they partner with businesses; they believe that by closing the loop between marketing and sales, and creating inspired customer experience, they help organizations achieve previously elusive business objectives.

“We’ve come a long way in a relatively short time,” says Dudley. “We needed a new brand that truly evoked our comprehensive capabilities, that communicated what we believe along with the expertise of our team. With the idea that we have a holistic understanding of the marketing and sales landscape, Overground was a perfect fit.”

At the core of Overground’s philosophy is the relentless pursuit of breakthrough opportunities for their clients. By understanding an organization inside and out, Overground provides content that’s compelling, platforms that fit, and insights driven by research.

The agency’s rebrand is comprehensive; while you’ll find a fresh website at Overground.com, the look isn’t limited to the digital realm. As of today, even the headquarters has been transformed, with Overground signage and the brand’s colors accenting the walls.

“We’ve worked very hard over the years to bring our agency to this point,” he says. “And we’ve worked just as hard over the past year to build this new brand, one that accurately reflects who we now are. We’re very proud of it.”

The Overground team is near and dear to Dudley. He claims that philosophies and capabilities only go as far as a collaborative and experienced team will take them.