4 Ways to Enhance B2B Customer Experience With Mobile Web Design

Feb 15 2016 | Eric Dudley Eric Dudley

Why invest in a brand that doesn’t inspire you to lift beyond?

Enhancing B2B customer experience has the ability to deliver an inspiring experience for your buyers and will move them through the journey, from awareness to revenue.

Picture this: you head to a mobile website to browse through custom printers for your business. You’re initially greeted with an annoying popup that takes a few seconds to find and close out the “X” and you finally make it to the homepage; not the smoothest start, right? All you need is some general information regarding the product, such as capabilities, pricing and contact information, you’re not asking for much. You scroll through the homepage, but don’t see information on their customizable printers. You ditch the site and head to the next best brand of printers. This site has a detailed list of their customizable printers with photos, capabilities, pricing, as well as a 24/7 chat feature to speak with a representative. Your B2B customer experience was not only met, but exceeded. 

In the Age of the Customer, buyers have more control now more than ever. They want what they want, when they want it and they want it delivered. If they’re not getting the best possible experience at option A, well option B, C and D will give them what they want, when they want it and they’ll deliver it. Problem solved for your customer. If you’re experiencing issues with enhancing your B2B customer’s experience, follow some of our pointers to enhance your customer’s experience.

Refresh Your Mobile B2B Customer Experience


Today, customers expect their user experience to be seamless. Whether you’re searching for customizable printers or for a B2B customer experience agency, your customer’s mobile experience needs to be inspiring.

As you heighten your buyer's B2B customer experience, be sure to apply these effective B2B mobile experience principals:  

  • Mobile optimization is a must for the B2B customer
  • User-friendly features give your users a flawless flow between pages and features
  • Smooth navigation is essential to providing customers with a positive experience
  • Call-to-actions appropriately placed is essential to driving leads

Sync Your Social

Having your social accounts fully synced with your website provides customers access to your other platforms. Make sure your website has all social accounts accessible to your customer. If your customer is looking to gain insight into your printers customizable features, make sure the LinkedIn post they viewed on printer features is pushing your customers to your website's printer features landing page. If your sponsored Twitter ad featuring your 3D printer is not pushing customers to your website, you are losing potential customers. Utilizing social media channels will push your brand across a variety of channels, as well as create brand awareness and ultimately brand loyalty.

  • Sync your social accounts on your site to keep all platforms consistently linked
  • Helps users stay connected to your brand; whether they want invaluable insight, want to know about your newest job postings or are interested in your products/services

Create Compelling Content

When visiting a website, one of the top items customers look for is valuable insight. Infographics, blog posts, white papers and videos are among the many content items that will provide your users with exclusive insight into your thought leadership, brand voice and will ultimately help gain brand loyalty, increase profitability and enhance your users B2B customer experience. To enhance B2B customer experience, align content with the users appropriate persona and buyer stage. Are you targeting the VP of Marketing or the Sales Manager? Is your customer at the consideration stage or awareness stage? Being able to pinpoint where your customer is along the buyer journey will give your business the upper hand. 

It's All In The Details

When you visit a mobile site, the small details can sometimes make the most of your experience. Is the site responding fast? Is the correct keyboard implemented for a phone number form field vs. subscribing to an e-newsletter? While those little details may seem minor, they can be significant to enhancing your B2B customer experience overall.

We help leading B2B organizations design and develop their mobile experience to align with their customer expectations and create inspiring B2B customer experiences. Contact us today to learn how we can help enhance your customer’s experience.


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