What Does Account-Based Marketing Mean for Sales?

Jul 20 2018 | Overground Overground

Account-Based Marketing for B2B Sales

With account-based marketing becoming the new standard in B2B marketing models, it’s important to understand how that impacts sales. In fact, with such a laser-focused approach, account-based marketing works even better when marketing teams and sales teams work together to find, target and close deals. Read on to find out more.

Better Customer Experience

Because account-based marketing is hyper-focused on the individual or group in a company making the decisions to purchase, the experience they receive can, and should be very personalized. From their experience on-site to the emails they receive, down to retargeting messages, everything should be focused on that account, their goals and how to motivate them to move forward. Ultimately, this all makes for a better, more personalized, customer experience for every account, and even each decision-maker that comes across your brand. This improved customer experience helps to build trust and value in your brand by showing them you care enough to speak directly to them.

Better ROI with Account-Based Marketing

With all of your marketing efforts focused on accounts you’ve deemed likely to convert, you won’t be wasting valuable resources on accounts that are not interested in your product or are less likely to convert. With all these freed-up resources, the accounts you’ve targeted are likely to be higher quality because you’re going after the right people at the right time in the purchasing decisions and giving them the best customer experience that you can. A better ROI means more money for your bottom line, and more resources to devote to each account.

Better Alignment Between Sales and Marketing

All of this leads to a more cohesive unit between the sales and marketing teams. In the past, marketing teams have been challenged with casting a wide net and converting as many of those as possible. Only then would the sales team take over. With account-based marketing, marketing and sales teams work together to identify target accounts and how to move them through the process together. As this happens, the two teams work towards common goals, such as:
• engagement with target accounts
• shorter close periods
• upsell and cross-sell opportunities, and
• maintaining and building current client relationships

Interested in learning how account-based marketing can help your B2B organization improve customer experience, improve ROI and align marketing and sales? Contact us at Overground to learn more. 

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