How to Measure if Your Blog Strategy is a B2B Lead Nurturing Success

Nov 05 2014 | Overground Overground

If you are blogging just to “check the box,” stop right there. Like any other marketing initiative, there needs to be a defined goal in place before executing the strategy. While the main goal of any marketing campaign should be lead generation, B2B lead nurturing is also a crucial measure of success. Blogs are a great method for boosting engagement and driving lead nurturing initiatives, since their purpose is to speak directly to a prospect’s questions and concerns. To measure lead nurturing success, marketers should evaluate:

  • Time on blog page
  • Blog pageviews
  • Returning visitors to blog content
  • Social media shares of blog content
  • Number of comments on the blog

Time spent on the blog page is an important lead nurturing metric because it tells marketers whether people are taking the time to read your blog posts. You can use this metric to determine which blog post topics:

  • engaged readers
  • inspired readers to stay on the blog longer and
  • which posts caused readers to leave the site

Blog pageviews are another important indicator of blog success. As blog posts begin to rank for long-tail keywords, blog posts will become organic landing pages, thus increasing pageviews. Pageviews should also increase thanks to inter-site linking measures that take place on the blog. For example, a B2B organization can allow leads to choose from different topic categories in the sidebar, view your company’s blog archive or read related posts. All three measures will streamline user mobility throughout the blog and find all the information they need.

The percentage of returning visitors should increase as your blog strategy continues. Posting at a regular cadence will let your readers know when to expect a new post, causing them to return to the site repeatedly. It also puts your brand at top of mind, which can help remind customers to return to your site when their needs become immediate. Returning visitors are more likely to convert than first-time visitors, making this one of the most important KPIs to track.

An increase in the number of social media shares of your blog content is a good indication of an increase in prospect engagement. People share content they think is valuable with others. So, if you are not seeing an increase in social shares, determine what else you could write about that would be considered share worthy. For example, what were the topics of your most engaging social media posts? Or what are some frequently asked questions that your company receives via social media? To find out what is valuable to your potential customers, ask them!

Last but not least, an increase in blog comments also indicates your posts are sparking interest among prospects. If you are not seeing an increase in this metric, ask questions at the end of blog posts to start a discussion with your readers. The more you interact with them, the more likely they will be to interact with your business.

Make sure to monitor these lead nurturing metrics closely throughout blog campaigns. If you have a customer-focused blog strategy, each of these metrics should improve. If not, re-evaluate your blogging strategy to make sure it is more focused on the customer. When marketers make B2B lead nurturing a priority, they avoid losing leads they worked hard to earn.

Want to learn more about what metrics are important for content marketing campaign monitoring? Check out our blog, 8 B2B Marketing Metrics You Should Care About.


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