Why Your Team Needs a Marketing Maturity Assessment

Nov 16 2018 | Overground Overground

As B2B marketing shifts toward more customer-centric methodologies, companies are looking for strategic direction that delivers insight based on data and the customer journey. An essential part of finding your company’s strategic needs is identifying where your marketing efforts are (and where they need to go).

What is a Marketing Maturity Assessment?

A marketing maturity assessment is a digital marketing offering that aims to provide B2B enterprises with the building blocks necessary to improve demand generation and sales revenue.

In order to build a marketing plan that aligns with your prospects’ natural product search behaviors, a marketing maturity assessment looks deep into your current practices, identifying both strengths and opportunities for improvement.

Identify Customer Needs

In many cases, companies experience numerous barriers when it comes to acquiring new customers. These barriers hinder enterprises from making new relationships with prospects and reduce the ability to expand beyond loyal clientele. A marketing maturity assessment helps marketing teams pinpoint the varying needs of their customers and expectations. By filling in the research gaps between buyer and seller, this assessment sets a stronger foundation for more personalized marketing that is executed at the right time and through the right channel.

Truly Close the Loop through the Right Data & Technology

Marketers know mining through valuable data is essential and should complement the technology platforms used in marketing campaigns. However, numerous enterprises fail to truly close the loop because data usage and technology platforms are not synched in a way that shows comprehensive results.

Overground’s marketing maturity assessment examines your business’ current marketing investments, platforms, and practices, and then researches other technological platforms that may be more beneficial. For instance, based on hypothetical data that exhibits the need for a multi-persona lead generation plan, this assessment will search for a marketing automation platform that provides the multi-level drip campaign your team needs to increase the number of qualified leads.

Develop Content Planning Expertise

Identifying what kinds of content are ideal for your organization’s prospects is similar to becoming a wine connoisseur: each customer represents a different blend of characteristics. Your business needs to learn how to identify each one. Because B2B prospects tend to be diverse, this assessment completes the first step in creating attractive content. We're not talking about flashy content that casts a wide net to gain interest, but rather a multi-faceted content strategy that specifically targets every persona your company views as an ideal client. With a marketing maturity assessment, marketers find out what questions prospects are asking and what form of content will provide the best answer.

For more information on what a marketing maturity assessment entails and how it could help your B2B organization convert more leads and retain more customers, contact the Overground team today.

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