B2B Demand Generation for a Leading Financial Institution

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Overground helped a leading financial services and payment processing institution exceed their annual lead generation goal by 32% through the digital channel.


A leading financial services and payment processing institution identified challenges with capturing demand from the digital channel to fuel sales opportunities and increase new account acquisition rates. Historically the marketing team found difficulty in driving qualified leads to the sales team due to their lack of an integrated, multi-channel platform integration and robust web analytics. Without integrated platforms and campaign tracking analytics, the marketing team was unable to accurately track their revenue contribution to new account acquisitions.

Sixty-one percent of B2B marketers say that the biggest challenge they face is generating high quality leads, and 45% of B2B marketing executives struggle attributing program spending to revenue results. Since the financial institution struggled with generating high quality leads and tracking campaign contribution to revenue, Overground developed a demand generation program to close the loop from awareness to revenue.

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Lacked an effective digital customer experience that aligned with the customer journey and experienced difficulty with sales and marketing alignment


Marketing was unable to track campaign channel attribution to sales leads and revenue contribution.


Lacked a lead nurturing program to support sales and marketing touchpoints throughout the customer journey.


Brand regulations, limited online visibility, and inconsistent messaging throughout the customer journey contributed to a significant volume of missed opportunities.


A high percentage of leads were deemed unqualified, creating an overall perception of diminished value.


The inbound sales team experienced capacity limitations, and without lead scoring and nurturing campaigns, a higher percentage of leads were marked unqualified.

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Developed a digital customer acquisition strategy utilizing an integrated, multi-channel program that closed the loop from awareness to revenue.


Optimized program performance to lead type and value of conversion channel.


Crafted the buyer journey touchpoints including messaging, cadence and response to align with customer expectations.


Aligned sales interactions with an expected customer experience by providing insight into campaign structure, response, cadence and messaging.

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Lead Generation Results Exceeded Goal by 32%

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