B2B Technology Manufacturer Increases MQLs by Over 100%

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Overground helped a technology manufacturer drive qualified leads & MQLs through B2B search marketing and an improved online presence.


The primary objective of this campaign was to increase the number of qualified leads digital marketing was contributing to the sales pipeline for net new direct sales opportunities. The company had previously focused on a reseller model, with reseller sales comprising around 70% of business. The campaign aimed to move the company back to earning net new business through direct sales primarily to banks and financial institutions.

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  • Reestablishing the web as a channel for lead generation through B2B search marketing
    • The company was generating 2-4 leads per week through the web. 
    • For the previous two years, the company had not used online marketing for lead generation.
  • Expanding market share for MICR and secure print solutions
    • The company needed to regain lost market share for target keywords due to a lapse in SEO and paid search activities.
    • The unresponsive site was losing business due to a 70% bounce rate from mobile devices.
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Developed a new website that streamlined the customer conversion path, improved user experience and implemented B2B search marketing best practices; new website also created a new, user-friendly mobile experience


New website provided a fully-responsive and multi-device experience


Monitored web analytics to examine customer behavior, identified opportunities for improvement in the customer experience and implemented changes accordingly


Executed a paid search campaign that created a consistent cross channel user experience


Implemented a search engine optimization program to drive visibility around business-critical secure print solutions technologies

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