Closed-Loop B2B Demand Generation for Financial Services

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Check out how Overground helped a leading payment solutions company exceed their demand generation goals by 49% in 4 months.


First American Payment Systems is a leading payment solutions company that offers merchant account services and payment processing to small and medium-sized businesses nationwide with their own proprietary equipment. Historically, the marketing team experienced challenges with their demand generation efforts within their Merchant sales channel due to slow digital channel adoption and under-performing resources. Additionally, marketing and sales touch points were not synchronized, resulting in lost opportunities.

Thirty-nine percent of B2B marketers say the biggest obstacle they face is the inability to reach the right target at the right time, and First American Payment Systems was in that segment. Overground was able to help them shift the focus to a multi-channel, closed-loop demand generation program. The initial demand generation program started with an integrated paid search campaign to supplement their existing campaigns in the digital marketing channel.

Closed Loop 1



Lacked a clear digital marketing strategy and plan


Experienced difficultly updating and optimizing the website due to internal IT limitations


Lacked conversion tracking on their website which created difficulty attributing return on marketing investment (ROMI)


Existing digital marketing campaigns were not fully aligned with best practices

Closed Loop 2



Developed a paid search strategy that aligned with the current market demand, brand voice and campaign goals


Created a campaign experience that aligned keyword, ad copy and landing page content with search intent


Implemented campaign analytics tracking and sales feedback process to ensure lead quality met internal sales team qualifications

Closed Loop 3


Closed Loop Results