Closing The Loop from Awareness to Revenue

Each customer touch point matters. When the customer experience is aligned with expectations, breakthrough opportunities emerge.

Closed Loop Interactions Optimized

With 67% of buyer journey touch points now occurring digitally, marketing and sales leaders are losing ground if they lack closed loop lead management and fail to connect interactions that ultimately lead to revenue.

To close the loop, marketing and sales leaders must gain traction and..

  • Define all customer touch points and the channels that most influence your purchase decision 
  • Attribute the customer touch points to the investments made
  • Understand that the last touch point is not the only touch point driving revenue

For your customers it's the journey, not just the destination

Customer experience matters. And for B2B organizations that want a competitive advantage, it’s critical to adopt close loop lead management to understand how customers want to engage with your brand, both online and off.

Learn about our Customer Journey Mapping.

Customer Journey Mapping

Enhance Lead Nurturing For A High-Impact Customer Journey

Sales Vice Presidents are often tasked with improving the lead-to-win conversion rate once benchmark metrics have been established. Anyone that has tackled this task knows that it is easier said than done. While there are many ways to improve lead-to-win conversion rates, it starts with understanding the customer journey and what the buyer expects at each stage of the buying cycle.

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Barriers to Closing Leads

As Demand Generation agencies assist B2B brands in mapping their customers' journey from brand awareness to customer loyalty, patterns will emerge. At each stage of a B2B customer journey, there are recurring points of friction, or barriers, which, if not addressed with a closed loop lead management approach, cause a loss of customers.

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