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B2B buyer behavior has shifted dramatically in the last decade. More and more purchase decisions are being made by committees instead of individuals, leaving many B2B marketing and sales leaders wondering how to evolve their practices for the today. 

Enter an account based marketing strategy. An approach that focuses on targeting key accounts with the highest revenue potential for your business.

Overground builds B2B account-based marketing campaigns that:

  • Leverage the latest digital technology to create highly targeted and personalized touchpoints
  • Align sales and marketing to ensure messaging consistency and timeliness
  • Engage your target accounts in a way that effectively moves them through the buyer journey

It’s how we help our clients turn their dream accounts into profitable customers. 

Our B2B Account Based Marketing Services:

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What Our Clients Are Saying

When I joined, we struggled to close the loop from awareness to revenue. After developing a content marketing plan, along with implementing a new marketing automation platform integrated with CRM, we were able to capture and optimize customer touch points to show marketing's contribution to overall company revenue." 
Caitlin F. - Marketing Operations Manager


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