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Marketing vs. Sales: it’s the timeless face off that’s all too familiar. Two departments going head-to-head about marketing’s ability to drive qualified leads and sales’ ability to close them. In the end, no matter who wins the round, your organization loses. 

Sales and marketing misalignment costs organizations 10% of revenue or more each year. Which is why at Overground, we build B2B appointment setting strategies that focus on aligning your sales and marketing organizations first.

We understand that in order to turn leads into appointments, an "MQL" and "SQL" must be clearly defined and agreed upon, messaging must be consistent, and follow-up touchpoints must be immediate. 

And, we know how to close the loop between marketing and sales to drive new revenue opportunities to achieve your revenue growth goals. 

Our Lead Appointment Setting Services:

  • Sales Mapping and Call Scripts
  • Inbound Lead Fielding
  • Lead Qualification and Transfer
  • CRM Lead Capture and Lead Append
  • Lead Nurturing 
  • Call Analytics & Closed-loop Tracking

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When I joined, we struggled to close the loop from awareness to revenue. After developing a content marketing plan, along with implementing a new marketing automation platform integrated with CRM, we were able to capture and optimize customer touch points to show marketing's contribution to overall company revenue." 
Caitlin F. - Marketing Operations Manager


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