Salesforce Lightning Migration Checklist

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55-Point Lightning Readiness Checklist

Ready to equip your sales teams with an improved functionality and a better UX via the new Salesforce Lightning Experience? If your organization is preparing to upgrade from Salesforce Classic to Salesforce Lightning, this checklist is for you.

Prepared by Overground’s certified Salesforce Administrators, our 55-Point checklist covers everything from licensing and web browser compatibility - to functionality and internal communication with stakeholders.

Who should download?

  • Organizations considering an upgrade from Salesforce Classic to Salesforce Lightning and are looking to plan ahead to understand level of effort
  • Organizations who have decided to move forward with a Salesforce Lightning migration and are in planning phases to ensure a successful migration

What is included in the Salesforce Lightning Readiness Checklist?

  • The most common customizations that impact a Salesforce Lightning migration
  • Tips for internal stakeholder communication and user training before your migration
  • A deep dive into unsupported functionality to be aware of before your migration
  • Tips for testing your Salesforce instance for readiness before starting your migration

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